Global Game Jam 2017: We’re Still Here

My first Global Game Jam! At the start of my internship at Virtual Play I was asked if I would like to join their team at the GGJ. (I said yes!) It was my second game game jam, but it was still mysterious in a way. It was great fun and a nice introduction to the GGJ.

Theme: Waves
GGJ Site:

In We’re Still Here you control a group of people trying to please the god Tiamatzu, goddess of the waves. While the island is stormed with tsunami’s you try to hold stand and bunker up. Your hope is to create a small civilization so you can build the great wonder to please Tiamatzu.

Game trailer for We’re still here

Michele Bianchi – Art, Game Design
Harry Boonstra – Game Design (not shown)
Sly Emenike – Programming, Game Design
Stephan van der Feest – Programming, Audio, Game Design
Tom Goodfellow – Writing, Game Design
Marie-José Vincent – Art, Game Design