Global Game Jam 2020: Broken Bridges


This year we created a 2v2 local-multiplayer game with 6 people. It is made in PlayCanvas, a 3d JavaScript game engine. As the years before we had 48 hours at the HvA to create a game. It was a weekend of a bit of sleep, snacks everywhere and lots of fun.

Theme: Repair
GGJ site:
You will need 4 controllers to play this game. It is playable in the browser

Broken Bridges is a cooperative versus game where you have to construct a broken bridge. Communication and dedication is important in this game so you and your partner can create and place the building blocks needed to complete the bridge.


  • Jan de Munnik
  • Ryan Cannon


  • Sly Emenike
  • Rick Gijsen
  • Weikang Hu
  • Charlie Yau


  • All of us 🙂