Sly Emenike

Game Producer and Developer


Sly Emenike is a Game Producer and Game Developer with 6+ years of experience. He works at Ronimo Games as a Game Producer, here they work on an unannounced IP. Next to this, he has also released some web games in the past years with a small team. Apart from his game development work, Sly actively volunteers at the Dutch Game Awards since 2021. And Since 2019 he serves as an external examiner at game development schools. He also co-founded the student association at HvA, where he aimed to improve student participation in the game industry.


Ronimo Games

Aug 2020 – Present

Senior Game Producer
I was hired at Ronimo Games to improve the development processes and to add an agile mindset. I was responsible for setting up new pipelines and processes. On a day-to-day basis, I work with the management and development team to make sure we create the best game experience for the players.

Wanted 5 Games

Feb 2019 – Aug 2020

Head of Production
Wanted 5 Games was split of Cloud Games. Here I was responsible for roadmapping and planning of multiple projects simultaneously, internal and external stakeholder communication and prioritization of team resources.

Cloud Games

Jun 2017 – Feb 2019

Quickly after joining, I started to pick up production tasks. I became responsible for improving processes in a fast-growing team. And I reported to our internal and external stakeholders.

Game Developer
For the first few months I worked as a game developer at Cloud Games. Here I created some games and playable ads. Next to that, I also worked on some shaders and server-client communication tasks for several games.


Creating web games

2018 – Present

Started as a hobby during game jams but became more serious over the years. Creation of numerous web games with different teams. These games have been launched and can be found on the web. A small selection: Idle Zoo, Castle Defense, Golf World.

Organisation Dutch Game Awards

2021 – Present

Helped to organise the Dutch Game awards since its revival in 2021. This included preparing and facilitating the Jury process for all the years, managing the game entries and managing the Dutch Game Awards day itself.

Host at several game industry events

2022 – Present

Volunteer as host at several game industry events in the Netherlands, such as hosting several talks at Indigo 2023 and the Dutch Game Day 2022. And also as a moderator for the Serious Game roundtable at the ROM in 2023.

External Examiner

2019 – Present

Media College Amsterdam
Assess if students qualify to advance their end-terms and appraise their growth and quality of their exams, help with giving advice to 2nd + 3rd year students with their portfolio and their internships. Next to that, help the school lecturers to improve their exam structure to be more in-line with the industry standards.  

Game Jams

2017 – Present

Always fond of the numerous game jams that happen during the year. Have been participating in the global game jam since 2017. Created various games in the role of programmer but also producer and designer. The games can be found here.

Chairman Game Committee

2015 – 2017

Studievereniging Innovatie en Technologie
One of the biggest committee at the student association was the Game Committee. Lead and assisted with the 20-25 game events we had in the year. Most of these events had abut 30-50 people attending.

Founder / Board member

2014 – 2015

Studievereniging Innovatie en Technologie
Co-Founded the Student Association for IT at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. This process was done from the ground up with 0% experience. Created several committees and oversaw 50-75 students as part of the board. Happy to say that the student association still exists and helps 100’s of students every year to make their student time a bit better.